The SPM Kinematic Catalogue of Planetary Nebulae

López, J. A., Richer, M. G., García-Díaz, Ma. T., Clark, D. M., Meaburn, J., Riesgo, H., Steffen, W., & Lloyd, M.,
2012, RevMexAA, 48, 3.(pdf)

The SPM Catalog of Extragalactic Planetary Nebulae

Richer, M. G.; López, J. A.; Díaz-Méndez, E.; Riesgo, H.; Báez, S.-H.; García-Díaz, Ma. T.; Meaburn, J.;
Clark, D. M.; Calderón Olvera, R. M.; López Soto, G.; Toledano Rebolo, O.,
2010, RevMexAA, 46, 191.(pdf)

Image Credit: The Hubble Heritage Project. The overlayed lines indicate
the position of the long slits over the nebula (see catalogue).

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